Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I just had to laugh

I am starting some new creatures today and just had to laugh......
here is my task at hand. a two headed monster. I have rolled out his eyes and am going to start as I look down at my lap to start thinking about colors, and the look I am going for I see....

my daughter crawling up on my lap, my son going after my slippers, because they are much more fun than the pile of toys I put on the floor, and my dog going back and forth from the me to the food, like I don't know that she wants to eat and she is trying to spell it out, I just had to laugh.

and as I load up the picture I took to my laptop, Gabe has found some new toys from our book shelf. I wonder if I will get these guys done today?


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Hahaha, sounds like you have your own little monsters to inspire you!!! Funny farm style. LOL
I can't wait to see your two headed monster!!! I just love your dolls:)
Maybe some day, if you are into it, we could do a trade???

Zombie Hugz


Itsy Bitsy Funzy Onesie said...

trade??? absolutely!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

That would be awesome!! When do you want to do it?

YIPPEE an other trade!!!

If you want to mail me at my email address that's cool.

alimaky_woodedwoods said...

I'm so jealous... I can't wait to have a bunch of wonderfully cute kids like yours!
You're really lucky :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh yeah, it would be so much fun to play at your house!

... and I'm so diggin the next mealy's bones!