Sunday, March 22, 2009

some blog love from my blog Sister!!

look what I got!!
A very special award from
Michelle over at Studio at Crow Haven Farms.
I have to tell you, Michelle is one of the most awesome people I have every met.
She is a member of The ADO team with me and I am on her group DAG and I can not think of a more energetic, enthusiastic, & motivating person.
your are like a OOAK art doll Michelle.
one of a kind
thank you so much for this very special award Michelle.
you ROCK!


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

You are absolutly right about this sweet Girl, Michelle!! I love her to bits too:)And the crazy amount of engery she has makes me tired just reading about She should bottle that up and sell it on ETSY!! LOL

welcome to the sisterhood Nocole:)


Pattee said...

You are so right Nicole.... I love Michelle!
I just wish I could spend a day or 2 with her.... She's just awesome... as I think you are too!

3rdEyeMuse said...

Michelle really is one of the most awesome humans ... ever ... and by the looks of the previous comments, has a HUGE fan club!

Congratulations on the lovely award. :) It's well deserved.

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said... are way to kind... I'm wishing that all of us lived closer together...I have a funny feeling someday soon we will have a weekend at the farm here in PA...What do you think about that...however, none of us will be able to sleep...don't worry, I'll make lots of starbucks coffee for us..and I will have little bottles of energy to give to you all...but you don't need work just as fast! I'm glad that you are my team member and Sister! You rock also my sweet thing you!