Friday, July 31, 2009

lost in mealy monster land

wow, I have been totally slacking on my blog lately. oh, the lazy days of summer have taken over here at my blog I guess. lol
actually I have been working on my last traveling doll, sniff, sniff, wipes a tear. I can't believe it is over. sigh. well, anyhow, I have packed her up and she is on her way back to her home with oddDollz.
so now I have found a bit of time to make a few new mealy monsters. hopefully I will have them finished tomorrow sometime and up in my etsy shop. They are in the painting stage now and are getting all dolled up.


Yve said...

Look at that evil little eye! The weather has been so bad here this "summer" that I've blogged more, sigh :o(

3rdEyeMuse said...

both those photo's have me giggling ... thoughts of "monster wanderings". :)