Monday, October 19, 2009

growl, grrrrrrrrr the latest from mealy monster land!

meet Libby
she would love to show you her new doll

meet Sam
Sam oh Sam prefers to eat ham
fresh from the pig
does a eating pig jig
than eats a small child
that tastes a bit mild
gets a new toy
and it brings him much joy

Meet Eddy
Eddy found himself a lovely voodoo doll and his hoping to have some fun with it.

meet Vivian
Vivian got this new dolly from her happy little kid meal.


Sonia ;) said... adorable...I love the faces and expressions.


DellaRae said...

These little monsters love their dollies. So cute!

Pattee said...

WOW you are on a monster roll!!!! I love them all~

Yve said...

Awww, look at Sam, I always fall for the tentacley ones :o)

KatHreN said...

I love these guys...and gals. The pincushion was is my fav.

Anonymous said...

Those pool little dolls-hehe!

By Way of Salem said...

You're dolls just KILL me! You look so normal - where do these creatures come from!? LOL! They're adorable really. I love them. So refreshingly different. I'm a believer!