Thursday, March 11, 2010

spring thaw and pumpkin thieves....

it is a Spring thaw...
the snowmen are turning to mush, the birds are coming out, and this poor guys face in slowly melting down his body, gotta say his days are defiantly number. Spring is in the air and the snowmen are not too happy about it.
Sonny has a pumpkin
and it seems to be looking right at him?!

The weather this week has been lovely, 50-60s, I can feel spring peeking out under the piles of dirty snow and muddy mush. a little bit of green trying to make it's way through the last of winter.
When I was walking home the other day from getting my daughter from preschool I noticed a unusual amount of pathetic snowmen hanging around. you know the ones, faces melted down to their chests, carrot noses now in a inappropriate spot looking more like something I won't say than a nose and the poor snowmen, arms miss placed and mangled in the muddy snow...well this is how I get my inspiration, the horror show of terrified snowmen on their last ball of snow just knowing that their days are number.
melty and his little bird friend have been truly inspired by spring!

Spookytime Jingles update time
Melty and Sonny will be hanging out at the STJ on the 13th.


oldblackcatboo said...

So Funny! It's great to know where you get some of your inspiration! I can just picture those poor snowmen with their carrots hanging low! LOL! I love how your mind works...and I'm really loving these birds!

Angenita said...

The snowman makes me laugh. Winter is cold enough this year to start to dislike snowman and this melting thing is feeding my spring desire :)

Light and Shadow Studio said...

You have made my day! I actually laughed out loud. That eye in the snowman is hysterical. I love your work!

Gaina said...

I think the eyeball on the Snowman just perfectly conveys his disgruntlement. :)

Will there be a 'slushy puddle with eyeballs' edition? haha