Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lucas & Cici




Redfish Artwork by Vickie Fisher said...

Just to let you know, I am a true follower and love all the characters you have made. You have inspired me so much that I just bought some paper clay to try making my own monsters. Thanks for blogging. Hugs Vickie

Catch A Falling Star said...

Lucas and Cici are simply wonderful!
They made me giggle.
I know how Vickie feels...I was inspired by you and several others that I decided to step my clay work up a few notches and start making bigger characters. I made one so far and now in the process of another, with more definition.

Mealy Monster Land said...

thanks Vickie and Star!
it makes me really happy to know my art has inspired you to create!

you will have to let me know how the paper clay goes Vickie, I have yet to try the medium out and wonder how easy it will be to work with.

Pattee said...

OH MY Look at those Zombies!!!!! I love them esp. Lucas!

NIADA is thinking about New Orleans as a possibility next year!

It was a blast!
Hope you are well Colleen~

Anonymous said...

I love Lucas and Cici....
Have you ever seen "sean of the dead," It's a great english zombie movie.

Mealy Monster Land said...

thanks Pattee!
wish I could of gone to NIDA with you and Jacqui!! New Orleans would be fun, but really far from me. I am in New York. We could see Colleen though, hmmmm.

Jasper, I did see Sean of the Dead. super funny! I am a huge fan of zombie movies, it all stated with night of the comet back in the 80s! lol