Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Sharky and his hag friend

meet Sharky!!!!!
Isn't he the cutest thing since, well nothing compares!
Unfortunately this is not my dog. BOOOWHOOO. WAAAAAA this is my friend errr, if you can call her that, Melissa's dog, he came over for a visit today. See she would not let me keep him! Can you believe it, the nerve of her, to bring this cute puppy over and then not leave him.
Good thing I got my new hag to keep me company!

Hey Gaina, this is my old gal, Birdy Beagle.
She was not impressed by sharky, sniffed him and then went and took a nap.


Gaina said...

Aww, Sharky is gorgeous! Is he a Puggle (Beagle x Pug)? I know someone with a Puggle and he looks exactly like Sharky (the dog, that is, not his owner! LOL).

You should immortalize him in Polymer clay they you can have one of your very own :)

kimily said...

Ooooooo... love the Hag!!!

As for Sharky... he has the look of "I am cuteness, look into my will give me cookiessss."

Mealy Monster Land said...

He is a puggle Gaina. So super cute. I could of had one but my husband was not game. they were free! boo to him, we already have a older dog, she is 11, a beagle dalmatian mix. then after the fact when he saw my friends he changed his toon, but sadly too late, they were all gone. at least I get to play with my friends.

Thanks Kimily about the hag.
this pup here is a lover, so sweet and cute. He will get all the cookies he wants.

Gaina said...

A Beagle x Dalmation!? Never seen one of those before - can you share a piccy? :)

Mealy Monster Land said...

sure will Gaina!

Moriah (MLB Studios) said...

Well it's a good thing that SHarky wasn't brought to my house because he would have mysteriously disappeared (into a closet until no one was looking). lol The doll is fantastic! I this she is my favorite of your work so far!

Yve said...

Aw, he's beautiful, and in that second shot he appears to be just a big head and paws! Your spotty pal is cute to though... and the hag's don't chew up your rugs and bark at the postman (well, mostly!)

Pattee said...

Cute puppy ~ beautiful old dog : )

Your hag looks like me in the morning LOL!!!! She's fabulous Colleen!

So did your muse come home?

Saschi said...

i'd take the old birdie anyday! and as usual your art blows me away!

aquariann said...

Oh dearie my, Sharky is too cute. *dies* Your hag, her critter and Birdy Beagle are pretty awesome, too.