Thursday, September 30, 2010

Freeky Fright Nights show

If you are in the Boston area I will have 7 pieces in the Freeky Fright Nights show at Space 242.
I would love it if someone I know was there since I will be unable to attend. Now, if someone out there in cyber space will be able to go  PLEASE, pretty PLease, Pretty PLease with zombie heads on top, can you take some pictures for me and email them to me? 
really wish I could go, but it is not in my budget. boowhoo.
 on another note, here is another piece that will be available at the spookytime Jingles show in New Jersey.
seems Miss Polly Panic is getting something a little different this year while trick-or-treating. 
shrunken head anyone?

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Zan Asha said...

Awww, Nicole, I wish I could go!! I hope someone is able to make it! On another note, Polly Panic is HYSTERICAL!