Sunday, September 19, 2010

zombie girl bust

yep, another porcelain doll head. This time I added clay over top of the doll head.
I left some of her original face out, that I had repainted to look like the skull.
I am having a blast with these doll heads. I guess it is something new, so it intrigues me.


Yve said...

Hilarious! I always se adverts that they "find" these busts/frozen Charlottes in the remains of factories, could you imagine them gigging this little lady out of the ground? :o)

Yve said...

Ok, I meant "see" and "digging" oops :o)

Yovanka Black said...

Oh my these busts are so different that what we have been used to from Mealy Monster Land... yet they certainly have your signature style!!!

The way you have painted them.. gives me the impression of a vintage zombie comic book (from the 50's or 60's) in a 3D form :) Very retro... VERY stylish and very creepy!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely work!!


essie said...

Oh wow wow wow Nicole, I adore this one!
Stunning and I so can see the joy you had making this.

Pattee said...

Another Fabulous doll from you Nicole!!!