Wednesday, November 17, 2010

creepy couple

 currently I am working on custom orders! 
I just finished this creepy couple up. They are are a lovely pair, you think? I have a few more custom orders to finish up and then hoping to get back to the sideshow. maybe I need to make a strong man,lobster boy or some Siamese twins.  
I think I need to make them all!


Sue said...

Nicole this couple is fabulous! I LOVE her tutu!


Yovanka Black said...

LOL this couple is AMAZING!!!! Is it a commission for a wedding cake topper?

I soooo want that lipstick color your gal is wearing!!!!!! Seems almost like lip-gloss in fact.. its fabulous ;)


Ashley said...

The creep couple looks fantastic! I can wait to see lobster boy!

Pattee said...

Nicole!!!! I love your creepy couple! Are they going to a creepy couple??? LOL!

I love your side show dolls... let me think of some for you....

Love and hugs ~ have a great week-end!