Monday, November 29, 2010

what is this!!???

 so, I bought some oranges before I went away for Thanksgiving, then we left. These oranges are only about 1 week old at my house and who knows how long at the store and traveling to the store. anyhow, I am cleaning up and notice a black speck on one of the oranges, I start to look closer and notice a few more, and they move!!! EEEEKKKKKKK and YUCK! 
what the heck are these things???
I found about 20 in total all over the fruit and two on the wall behind it. of course I am totally neurotic and a clean freak and now I feel sick. I know they are just bugs but still. I googled all over the internet and could not figure out what they are. so anybody ever seen these disgusting lille tick like grossness before. For some reason if I know what they are it just makes me feel better.

 two new monsters....they did not help with the gross tick like spider weird o bugs. they should do their job and eat them all away...but, monsters, not exactly helpful.

my first wedding cake topper!


pinkglitterfae said...

I can't help you with what they are, but I wanted to say 'eeeewwwwwww'!
I think I'd be freaking out too, worried that they may infest my kitchen. They do look like a tick, I wonder if they were in the box of oranges as they traveled?

Your new monsters are cute! alas, not useful in dealing with the bug problem, lol!

paula brinkman said...

well, um, we could pretend they're baby ladybugs, but i'm not sure. depending on where the fruit is from - is it USA or abroad? it could be something that came with or hatched along the way. you need a little gecko to eat em up.

Mealy Monster Land said...

thanks ladies for looking at my gross bugs. :D
someone on facebook suggested I use this bug guide site and sure enough someone posted a answer. said it was a aphid. makes me feel a little better. I am guessing they must of come in on the fruit.

The Hermits' Garden said...

Cute monsters, and the bugs...maybe they wanted a modeling job! :~)

Gaina said...

Do you know the country of origin of the Oranges? (Hehe that sentence was bordering on something by Dr Seuss!). If you know that then it'll be easier to ID the bugs.

@Paula Brinkman. Have you ever seen Ladybug nymphs? They are U-G-L-Y! Haha. Look like aliens.

Oh, and I adore the cake toppers!

Pattee said...

I think they look like ticks... but I know bed bugs are on the rise...
Icky no matter what they are...

On the other hand I love your cake topper! And your 2 new monsters


mary helen said...

Could they be these little guys...The Thyreocoridae...there are some google articles about them being in Florida Oranges