Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrate 365!

the monsters are once again up to no good. The Christmas tree goes up...and they come crawling out of the wood work in hordes. I come down for breakfast and ornaments have been taken over, my tree is filled with slimy wormy monster who bite, and bite hard!! EEEK
here is a story about them, just so you are warned....
Monsters have a fondness for shiny and colorful objects; so it makes sense that they have begun to claim Christmas ornaments as their own. They are very possessive of such items. Unsuspecting humans, who dare try to take the ornaments away, might lose a finger or two!

So these three guys have manged to also slither their way on to the pages of 
that will be going out to subscribers in the next week or two!
you can find these dudes in my etsy shop, looking for a home. 


Lisa Nelson's Art, Bucks County Designs said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats! They're adorable!

DellaRae said...

As always they are so slimy and sweet. Congratulations!

Raige Creations said...

these are so great! cool idea.