Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peter's final day

 The owl is a type of bird, who lives in the neighborhood, 
Hoot hoot Hoot the owl!
Peter Cotton tail is getting ready to hop on down bunny trail since Easter is on it's way.....
seems like Peter may not make it down the bunny trail since he is being stalked by zombie bunny.

* a note about inspiration.  I was talking to my dear Mother yesterday about new ideas, this is one of the ways I come up with new creations, by bouncing them off my friends and family. 
She suggested it was time I make something cute. YUCK. 
so this one is for you Mom. Zombie Bunny was inspired by our conversation.


The Hermits' Garden said...

Cute--YUCK! You crack me up. HOP Peter HOP! {:~\

linda said...

You are one strange lady.
I like strange.
I think your little creations are the most wonderful things i've seen.

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOl!! Well I can relate to your family saying you need to make something cute ;o) Love both bunnies, but of course zombie bunny is my favorite! Michele

Zan Asha said...

AHAHAHA! Well, as a person who makes "Cute stuff" (and I don't REALLY mean to do it!), I can appreciate your mama's advice. Mine is the same way. Except her teachings sorta seeped in!

I love the insane zombie bunnies-don't ever change! ;)