Tuesday, January 11, 2011

plastic really P#*$$#@ me off!

 *WARNING** this is a post about my angry over stupid plastic made appliances. 
Vulgar words like stupid, no good, pieces of crap, evil appliance company, and such will be used. Those offended by such words should just skip reading the rest of this post.
Here is the small print
Now that you have been warned you may wonder why I would post about my cheaply made, over priced household appliances, faucets, and vacuums.
Reason... you see that hose up there, well it just sprayed my whole kitchen. 
Wait let me back up. 
I have put my kids to bed and am doing my nightly ritual of picking up the house, loading the dishwasher, normal clean up stuff. Planning on putting on a Netflix, thinking about my Netflix that I am going to watch and other such trivial thoughs while I turn on the sink to clean up the dishes that did not fit in the dishwasher. 
when suddenly I am holding my faucet in my hand and watching in disbelief as water is spraying all over my kitchen! Do I turn off the water, well no, of course not, I for some strange reason try to plug it up, well this in turn sprays the ceiling, the floor,  my walls and well me.
Then I am really pulled out of my netflix state of mind and do clue in to turn off the sink. 
As I peer into the part  of my faucet that is now in my hand and no longer attached to the sink I stare at the PLASTIC piece that is holding the two parts together.
Come on Really PLASTIC to hold the part of the faucet that takes the most abuse. Every time  I would pull the hose out the pressure would be going right on that spot, and they used plastic??
This faucet is only 3 years old. 
now I know my theory on they make things really cheap but just good enough to last until the factory warranty runs out is so dead on.
Let me show you my other examples.....

 my three year old Kenmore refrigerator. 
Ice maker suddenly would not seal and in turn was letting warm air into my freezer and then a strange part fell out of it. PLASTIC PART. Guess what, it costs a arm and a let to fix it and of course the factory warranty ran out after the first year. Still saving up to fix it, for now our solution is to stuff a towel in it. 
I was offered to buy a extended warranty for half of what the refrigerator costs at the time of purchase.
 is that a plastic power button that fell off after the first 6 months of owning. well yes it is.
Now this is one that really burns me up. About 6 years ago my vacuum cleaner broke again....on my mothers advice I invested in a electrolux. My Mom had bought hers in 1980 and the thing was running like a champ with no repairs needed in all that time. Hers is made of metal. The new ones are plastic. Well mine has broken twice on the handle, once inside, and had to be rewired two times, the attachment for the stairs also broke one time, plus the cord broke.  so....that is the end of it. 
America makes things in other countries to break so Americans have to replace them within a few years and the companies make more money and Americans are constantly broke. Then the Americans with no choice but to replace the items because it cost the same to fix the item as to buy a new one throws out the broken one and it ends up in a landfill.
AWESOME (sarcasm)
They just don't make things like they used to.


Zan Asha said...

Wow Nicole! Of all the monsters you've brought up, THIS may be the scariest! LOL! Ok, forgive the lame humor, just trying to cheer you up.

Actually, I know your frustration--for years I've railed against plastic and we all know how "plastic" the consumeristic society and manufacturers are. I've always loved the OLD, AMERICAN made, quality stuff made of good wood, or metal. Stuff that wouldn't break when you sneezed or something.
But now I think these companies want to save some money so they get cheap materials and cheap labor and we're the ones who end up paying tooooo much!

Hugs and I hope you feel better! Ugg, I hope you find a solution!

Daydream Retreat said...

Ok, I'm laughing but pissed at the same time!! I couldn't agree with you more!!!!

The Hermits' Garden said...

Having just replaced my stupid, no good, pieces of crap, evil appliance company-mfg refrigerator yesterday, I couldn't agree with you more.

Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh boy I had to laugh, but boy can I relate!!! It is frustrating!!