Sunday, February 27, 2011

new brooches and some undead bunnies

 I am having so much fun with
these little tiny spaces to fit in little tiny faces. I am finding it to be very challenge, but a bit addicting too. I have worked small before but never as small as this while trying to add in lots of details. kinda makes you feel like you have huge fingers.  
I finished up two new brooches, two zombie bunnies, and two new pendants this weekend. 
the pendants are actual almost done and I will post pictures soon of them. one is a vampire and one is a creepy gal. 
the zombie bunnies are pretty life left in them...they just keep hopping around groaning and moaning, and they ate my cat. Hopefully some poor unsuspecting person will try to "rescue" them and they can deal with these evil undead, buck toothed, smelly, rabbits.


ODD imagination said...

Oh dear! These rabbits are just darned fantastic!

Anonymous said...

these guys are just amazing beyond belief! XD