Friday, May 27, 2011

monster madness? nope just crazy

 I think I am going to loose my mind...I hope I don't. 
I have been in a funk for some time, I think it is the weather, and my funk is not good for monster making. All I can say is my clay has been patiently waiting for me to stop watching  TV, I have watched more TV in the past month that I have all year. this is a problem and I got to snap out of it.
So Wednesday I kicked myself in the butt and got to work. I have four art festvals I plan on taking part in over the summer, the first one is right around the corner so no time for funks.
I have got to get some monsters cooking!
two days of non stop monster making ended in 22 mini monsters! Makes me feel a little more productive but of course my house looks like a toy bomb went off in it. Barbies, legos, batmen and lalaloopys all over the place, hiding in block castles. scary!


sassypackrat said...

Wonderful little dudes!

Michele Lynch Art said...

I'm sorry to hear that your in a funk! I hate when that happens! You just needed your creativity to recharge because look at all these wonderfully scary monsters that you created!! Hope your muse continues :o) Don't be too hard on yourself, you deserve a little break! xo Michele

Georgina said...

Hopefully, you're funk is not de-funked. Love the new little critters and as far as the toy bomb, well, at least the kids are having fun!! LOL