Wednesday, July 13, 2011

building..building gotta keep going!

 I am building up a army of monsters and friends for the Summer Art shows that I am participating in this year. The first one is the
that is being held August 13th and 14th in
Lewiston, New York
I have about a month left to stock up, but with company coming in town that takes off a week. I still have a huge list of stuff I need to do to prepare. eek. I probably should not even being posting right now as it is a waste of precious time. LOL 
You may have notice I have done a little blog updating.
my new blog address is now
I have also added in new tabs that I was unaware blogger had made available until I did so. super cool ad from blogger. Allows me to be more organized and remove most of the sidebar stuff. pretty cool.
I have added in a links section that I will stock up with all my favorite artists as I get time.

well that is enough mindless babble for now.

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