Sunday, September 18, 2011

shows, shows, shows!!!

I have been so busy and so bad about blogging!! Eeek! I have been taken over by art festivals... Started in the beginning of August and has been full steam ahead since. Three down, two more to go! I find them to be great fun but TONS of work! Hence the lack of internet time and blogging. 
I also have the pleasure of being invited back to the Boston Halloween show Freeky Fright nights. well this time it is Revenge of Freeky Fright nights that will take place at Fourth Wall Gallery in Boston, MA.  I am super excited to participate and am planning on attending the opening night!  I will post more info later on. I have lots of new ideas for the show and look forward to turning them into reality.  

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Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

Your setup is awesome! I really love how you marketed yourself. I wish I could see it for myself! You have a really nice price range of things too. Excellent work! :o)