Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shop update and info on last show for the year....

 The Rochester Holiday Bazaar was a blast. I had AWESOME booth neighbors and overall had a great time meeting lots of new people. It is so different selling at these venues. 
Online if someone is not into my work I generally will never know but when people are forced to be face to face with it, it becomes a whole different story. 
I love watching the look of horror on some people's faces as they walk by my booth. 
It cracks me up. I am realist and know my work is not everyone's cup of tea, so I just laugh when I get sneers and heckled. The monsters, well they get offended, and am sure they will get their revenge when they show up under the bed of the hecklers.
 So, shows over and I have updated my shop. Listed lots of new monsters, ornaments, and snails, that can all be found in my etsy shop.
I have one show left for the year!! 
Queen City Market right here in Buffalo!! 
for more information please visit the Queen City Market fanpage on facebook
I also have restocked my monsters at 464 gallery in Buffalo along with the Niagara holiday market 464 Holiday shop that will open on Black Friday!!

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