Tuesday, April 3, 2012

mealy monster family and show announcements.

 Happy APRIL!! 
I can not believe how quickly this year already seems to be going by. I have been working on a custom order over the past few days. A very daring family asked that I mealy monster them. I am really happy with the way they turned out and especially love the puppy. Kinda want to keep him.
I have also been very busy planning out my summer show festival schedule, applying and waiting to hear back since January. Hoping to be participating in shows from June until December across western and upstate NY. Just got word on the first one for the summer season. 
that will be held June 9th and 10th in Buffalo, Ny. 
I am very excited to take part, this will be my first year participating in this show and it is a pretty big one here in Buffalo. I look forward to the new adventure. 
Speaking of shows. I also will be in Rochester, NY on April 28th for one day only taking part in the Mayday! Underground craft and art show. I hope to see some of my Rochester friends there! Here are some peeks at some of the mealy monsters I will be bringing along with me to the show.
I will be updating my show schedule in the events section as I find out.

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