Saturday, May 19, 2012

new ideas...

 been trying out some new ideas for the past few days. 
Not sure where I am going with these guys or if I am going to even make anymore.
1. killer fish ornament. hmmmm not sure how I feel about him.
2. ROBOTS...well, well, well. been on my mind for sometime, finally made them real, I think I may make more.
3. Robot birds. kind of reminded me of that movie with the robot bird. the name of it escapes me.
so that is the low down on mealy monster land. 
Have a good weekend!


Pat Haight said...

Personally, I LOVE the killer fish☺
But, then again, I love ALL of your monsters and zombies☺

Jess Schleicher said...

The fish is right up my alley too, but then again the robots are awesome and I love them all...

Anonymous said...

The robots are my favorite! Would definitely buy one (or two!) of those if you made more for your next show... I'm such a sucker for robot things lol