Wednesday, July 18, 2012


 The future of demon baby making.
Robot Mommies?
Angry Robot Mommies...
I think this one might have something to do with summer vacation or as I like to call it "a true test to my patience." or "loose your mind in three months, it's easy, just add in three fighting children"
 I am rethinking that my three children are human babies and maybe at birth they were switched with little robot demon babies. 
Needless to say they have been causing me much grief this summer. 
Good thing I love them or I might just turn into this lady.
 so this gal will be on display August 3rd to the 15th at
here in Buffalo for the members show and launch event of the new quarterly magazine 
that will feature local artists, yours truly being one of them for this issue.
hope you can make it to the event!
 On to my next subject... 
Less than two weeks away. I have been busy making a ton of new monsters, zombies, and others in preparation for my grueling show schedule over the month of August. Funny how on paper I was thinking I had set up the perfect balance of shows, in reality I was setting myself up for trouble. 
oh well, I will get it right one of these times.
so..that is the news from mealy monster land! Hope to see you at Spark or the Syracuse Art Festival in the up and coming weeks.

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A Magical Whimsy said...

Well...I guess it's better than 'The Matrix has you!'
Your creations always amaze me. All you need now is a wind up key on the back of each baby, and maybe the monster robot mom too! I am sooo glad I have Wendy and her monster and caldron you made a couple of years ago. They have a very special place in my glass doll cabinet.
I know you did really well on one of your last shows. Congratulations!
Teresa in California