Monday, January 7, 2013

slow slow slow

 a party for one and a custom order. 
Not sure what is going on. Must be something with the pace I had kept from spring to Christmas (frantic) that has got me in a bit of slowdown slump. Basically feeling like a slug and need a jump start. I should be getting my monster army ready for the summer show season...but not happening. Maybe next month.


Jay King said...

To every thing there is a season. Monsters? October. They stay through Christmas because they're in demand, but they tend to hibernate in January. Of all people, you should know this. Let them lie, then poke them with a stick at the end of February. At first they'll grumble, but then they'll stretch and go about their monsterly business. All will be right with the world.

Ron Anger said...

Enjoy your peace and quiet.....
for soon you will be running around like a cyclone.

Mealy Monster Land said...

Hi Jay!!
your right Ron. :)