Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Discover Delaware

 Allentown was great fun! 
The first show back after the winter break is such a good time. Makes all the stress of worrying if people will like what you are making melt away.  But it also brings on some new stress.
 (I am a natural born stress-er, can you tell?)
Here I am on the second day of Allentown with a big cheesy smile at my booth...

 and here is what I have left over after the show!
so the new stress starts with....
 Schools out for summer!  Which means I now have my three children at home with me. Nice part is we get to stay in our pjs until well after lunch, bad part is my time for working has just been cut in half. So I have already started burning the midnight candle to make up for lost work time.
I have given myself a bigger break in between Allentown and my next big show, but did add in one small event between. The Discover Delaware sidewalk sale. Which is put on by the Kenmore Merchants association. A chance for small business who reside in the Ken-ton area to show there wears. Great event, and I am honored to have been invited to participate.

I am working on lots of new pieces that I hope will be completed before the event. Here is a few of them, still need paint. 
now, back to work for me, well until the kids need something.

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