Monday, January 12, 2009

hmmm...snow. cold..messy house...messy hair!

my backyard, Gabe reading some magazines, and my messy hair.

so, here I am doing my thing and what do I suddenly realize?
I have yet to comb my hair today. oh, boy, poor personal hygiene. lol
I think it is the weather.
I like snow for a month. December, and that is it.
I still have to get through January, February, March...hopefully not April. (hoping it won't be one of those kind of Aprils!) and then we should get some go outside weather. This week we are gonna have single digits. ugh.... oh well, at least the sun is out today, which is a good thing I can try to catch some vitamin D through the window.


Sue said...

Nicole, our weather is just
about the same as yours. My house? Yep, same. My hair? Well, I did have a shower, so yes, I did comb it!

Enjoy being snuggly and out of the cold!


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Nicole...yep we got about you guys got! Isn't it just lovely! LOL Well, if you can stay bunkered in and play all day!
Comb your hair...nahhhhhhh I work a full-time office job and I don't comb my hair! hehehehe

3rdEyeMuse said...

your welcome to come hang with us if the snow lasts too long. I promise we don't have the same issues here. :)