Tuesday, January 13, 2009

interested in joining ADO?

So you would like to join ADO?

We are a dedicated and active team of Art Doll artists and we would love to have you join us!
What is an Art Doll? Wikipedia has a great definition:

Art Dolls are made using a wide variety of styles and mediums, some are abstract or tribal, while others are incredibly realistic. Art dolls do not always move. The term Art Doll can refer to human-like dolls however this is not always the case. Art Dolls can depict animal, mythical creatures or abstract beings. They differ from baby dolls, Barbie dolls and other mass manufactured dolls.
Even though the the word 'doll' is attached, Art Dolls are not meant for play and not intended for children. The intent of an Art Doll artists is to create a work of art.
ADO will adhere to this definition; as much as we love toys, our dolls are not toys! For this reason we are a juried team and would like to invite members that are creating works of art or Art Dolls.

Our main focus as a team is to actively promote Art Dolls across the web. To do this we need motivated members and therefore have some participation guidlelines. After reading and agreeing to the guidelines please email colleen.113@hotmail.com or convo www.loopyboopy.etsy.com with the following information.

Email address
Etsy ID
Website address or any other address in which you sell or promote your work
which committee you would like to volunteer for
(also please indicate which link you would like added to the team blog, shopID, web address etc...)

Our membership guidelines are as follows:

1. You must make Art Dolls for the purpose of art and not toys or play. No toys will be allowed on the team. However, toy makers who also make Art Dolls are welcome, just make sure only Non-toy Art Dolls are tagged with the Team ADO. Toy dolls cannot carry the team tag.

2. We would prefer that you are making your dolls with the intent to sell, sellers from Etsy, Ebay, Dawanda your own Website ect... are welcome.

Partcipation Guidelines

A team is only as strong and effective as it's members, for this reason participation and camarderie are important to us. We have included some guidelines, these guidelines will help us to get to know each other, inspire our creativity and solidify our feeling of community.

1. Quarterly challenges
You must participate in at least one of the four challenges per year, but welcome to participate in more.

2. Each member must volunteer and assist on one of these committees
- Challenges
- Membership
- Promotions or PR
- Blog
- Website

3. As an ADO member you are expected to join the ADO network at Ning
Ning is an online social networking site that has many wonderful features we utilize as a team including forums, chat and the ability to set up a profile page with links to your shop, blog, flickr and website. You must have your Ning preferences set to receive group emails from our administrators so you are aware of all the events and happenings of the team.

4. ADO members must paticipate at least once a month at the Ning Forum
We will have a monthly round-up thread where you will need to pop in and share what you've been working on, whats been happening in your life, your favorite flavour of ice cream or just to say "I am here".
All members will need to stop by this thread which will be posted on the first of every month.

5. Attend bi-montly meetings
We will hold bi-monthly meetings in the Etsy Chat rooms. You do not have to attend every meeting, but we do ask that you attend at least 3 of the 6 meetings per year. The meeting times alternate between AM and PM EST so everyone in different time zones will be able to participate.

So again, if this sounds like the right team for you please don't hesitate to contact us!!!



Odddollz by Jacqui said...

I just joined and what a wonderful group!!! Come join us:) some much talent and fun there:)


Odddollz by Jacqui said...

opps, sooo much talent!! lol

3rdEyeMuse said...

good promotion ... who knows, maybe one day I'll try one for fun and find out I'm an addict just like the lot of you. :)

Mealy Monster Land said...

lol 3rdeye. once you start you will never stop! come to the doll side with us!