Monday, September 6, 2010

a few more pieces for the show!

frantic....yep. I have 5 Days left, only 5 until Music is Art!!
I feel like I have just enough. would rather be in the slightly too much department.
Well, what are ya gonna do, time is running out.
School starts tomorrow, so I think this will be the end the line for now. Don't think I will have time to make anything else with running my youngest two to their preK schools and dropping off and picking up my oldest from school and all the lovely paper work, homework, bedtime routines and all that jazz that accompanies school starting. Can't believe summer is over. bummer

so I manged to create, one fat lady, a mummy with a angry pumpkin, and 4 trouble maker pumpkins.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lady.
Nice work.

Silvia said...

Ohhhhh... i looooove your pumpkins!

niknik said...

Как здорово! Браво!

Zan Asha said...

Hey Miss Nicole! Wow, sounds like everyone has been running around lately...and you have 4 little ones to boot? I didn't realize you were super mama to so many, so I have serious respect for you!

The pieces are wonderful! Let us know how the show goes!

Zan :)