Wednesday, November 3, 2010

new work in progress and day of the dead piece

 After the  STJ show in New Jersey I definitely needed a little break, so much Halloween and Christmas in such a short amount of time kinda gave me a little burn out. 
so I took  two weeks or so off. I can also say I am a little burnt out on Halloween creating, never thought I would say that, but there it is. I am back to work now, with four new pieces. I started out easy on myself with a few mini monsters. they just need to finish getting painted.  I also started a new gal, not 100% sure where she is headed but I am going to just try and go with it and see where she takes me. 
I also have this day of the dead piece that I made for a show here in Buffalo at  464 Galley on Amherst St.


Lily's Treasures said...

That's really great ! I like the first one ;D

The Hermits' Garden said...

Wherever the new wip is headed, she's awesome. The posture is very expressive.

Re: burnout...sometimes you just have to stop swimming and float awhile.

Pattee said...

Love your new Day of the Dead gal!

And the pose on your unfinished doll is fantastic!

Always love the mini monsters...

Glad you took a much needed break Nicole~


Anonymous said...

That's really very beautiful.
I'm curious about the end result.