Friday, November 5, 2010

working on building up a sideshow!

Time to move back on to the sideshow! 
I had made this girl earlier this week and was unsure of where I wanted to take her, but I heard the sound coming from the big top and the call from the ring leader and felt the need to add to my mealy monster land sideshow. Plus all my other characters have since left me and found new homes so I feel kinda of lonely with out any sideshow freaks! 
This gal here is the first in many that I plan on working on for the rest of the year!


Pattee said...

I love her Nicole!!!
You do a great job at tattooing maybe you could get a job! LOL!

I love how you paint your eyes... mesmerizing....

Have a GREAT week-end!

sassypackrat said...

She's wonderful!

Patti G. said...

SHE IS FANTASTIC Nicole!!!!!!!
I love her tattooed body! Just perfectly interesting!!!!

Ashley said...

She looks great! I really love all the tattoos!

CAROL ANN said...

You DID make a tatoo'd lady! Just found this :o)

Pabkins said...

I love the tatted lady - just awesome - I can't wait to see more of the sideshow!