Saturday, March 16, 2013

Teams and podcasts....Oh My!

 This week I got to do something that normally does not get to happen. 
I got to meet with other etsy sellers who live locally, here in western New York. 
We are getting out Etsy street team up and going and I am going to be helping out with the
It is a old blog that is getting a bit of a facelift and hopefully a renewed purpose. I hope you check out our team and if you sell on etsy and live here in Western New York JOIN!!

 I also have joined in the spooky fun over at EHAG, Electric Halloween Artists Guild. I will be offering up a special Halloween piece for sale over at the EHAG emporium 
once a month. Lots of awesome art to gaze upon!

finally...the podcast. 
My husband is starting up a new podcast and I will occasionally be taking part!  My first movie review will be Night of the Comet. A favorite from my childhood. The current episode reviews the 1980s movie The Private Eyes. You can find the First episode of Throwback Reviews on itunes.

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